Safari Party


Three households in Cheshire have agreed to hold a "safari party" - a dinner party, each course of which is served in a different house. The hors d'oeuvres are served by Daniel and Adam, young brothers whose abusive father was recently shot dead, the entrees by Lol and Esther, upwardly-mobile and vulgar, and deserts by Inga, a seemingly benign antiques dealer. The three housleholds are linked not just socially, however: there's the whole question of the table ... The brothers sold it to Inga, inventing a slightly colourful history for it to increase its value, and she then re-sold it at a staggering profit - with even more elaborate storytelling - to Lol and Esther. As the evening progresses, the many layers of truth about the table, some shocking, are revealed and violence flares.