Blood Money

Reviewed by Sue Ellis of the Eckington Leader

Blood Money

In a change of pace for the City Players their latest production is a thriller.

Tension filled and offering up more than one surprise during its action packed course, the ensemble cast play Nick Di Nitto’s ‘Blood Money’ at full throttle.

'My wife Julie and I came to see this last night and we had a very enjoyable evening. The standard was extremely high, it was a very polished performance, we don't know how they can remember so much! You can't beat live theatre and you'll find it difficult to better last night. Well done to everyone'.

Ken via Email

Mike, presenter of TV’s ‘Bargain Basement’ and a philanderer who is having a casual fling with his neighbour, Sue, and a long term affair with his alcoholic wife’s therapist, Dr Julie Campbell, is up for a TV award for the seventh time.

As Mike and his wife, Liz, prepare for the award ceremony it becomes obvious that they have a long-held secret: five years ago they were involved in a hit and run accident which left a young girl dying. But apparently someone, somewhere knows their secret – a number of odd telephone calls and a jukebox which plays by itself are only the start.

'I just wanted to congratulate you all on yet another fantastic production. We thoroughly enjoyed Blood Money, as we have all your productions. You can really appreciate how much it means to you all and the work you put in to each performance, always giving 100%, both those on Stage and behind the scenes. The set design once again, was brilliant. Well done to you all, we can't wait for the next performance'.

Sam via Email

On their return from the awards ceremony they discover that the house has been ransacked and the name of the young girl is scrawled on blood on the wall. There then follows a sequence of increasing baffling murders until the series of plots and counterplots are unveiled.

Mike (Matthew Joynes) is a fascinating mix of perpetrator and victim while his wife Liz (Linda Munton) is a very dramatic character who has a way with words which prick the pomposity of her husband.

'We all enjoyed Blood Money last night, it certainly kept us guessing right to the final curtain. All cast played their parts well. Lovely set with some super stage action. We had a discussion in the interval but none of us sorted out the denouement exactly'!

John via Email

Their neighbour, Sue, (Canan Cahit) dresses to thrill while Dr Campbell (Lara Huddles) has her own reasons for being so close to the family. An excellent choice by the City Players aided by their always superb staging and performances.

Ellis, Susan. "Blooding Cast at Full Throttle". Eckington Leader, July 2013. Print.