Reviewed by The Doorsteppa Magazine


It is hard to believe that it is over two years since the Doorsteppa team first visited the Corner Playhouse in Eckington on a chilly Autumn night for a thoroughly enjoyable night’s entertainment watching their performance of House Guest.

Fast forward to 2013 and like a fine wine, the Players just get better. As always we received a warm, friendly welcome with refreshments available which was just what we needed with the cold weather outside!

The production on this occasion was ‘FlatSpin’ by Alan Ayckbourn. Whilst this is not the most decorated of Alan Ayckbourn’s plays, the City Players gave it a new lease of life through their impressive performances.

FlatSpin is part of the Damsels In Distress trilogy: a night of romance in her luxurious riverside apartment with a good-looking stranger from next door. How can Joanna possibly go wrong? Except the flat isn’t hers, her name isn’t Joanna and heaven knows what the good looking stranger is really after.

'Well done to all involved in "FlatSpin" Thought all really well cast. Amanda handled a strenuous part with confidence, especially the sad parts in her life. Ayckbourn writes super female roles! Romantic episodes between Matt and Amanda were great fun. Enjoyed the contrast between Maurice and Tracy. All contributed to an interesting piece of theatre. I shall eat gnocchi with greater interest in future! I'm sure the rest of run will go well'.

John via Email

The entire cast played their parts extremely well, but on this occasion Amanda Whelan was the stand out performer. She was amazing as the lead Rosie Seymour.

Players’ regular Matthew Joynes was solid as always as the mysterious stranger from next door. Mick Davison in his part as Tommy Angel easily provided the most laughs – and shocks!

As always with the Players, every aspect of putting on a great performance was carried out to an impeccable standard. The set was immaculately designed and the sharp attention to the small details really added to the storytelling.

As well as putting on a great show, this talented, friendly Amateur Dramatics group proved themselves to be consulate professionals when, on the evening we attended, there was unfortunately a power cut halfway through the performance. Now this is one of those things and was no-one’s fault, but it has to be said that Amanda stayed in character to the point where the audience didn’t even notice it had happened. Nick Di Nitto and Philip Mantle also provided plenty of laughs during the short break, and it was brilliantly handled for an amateur group.

If you have not yet had a chance to experience a night at City Players for yourself, look out in future editions of Doorsteppa for details of upcoming productions. Take it from seasoned audience members, you are guaranteed to have a great night!

"FlatSpin by Alan Ayckbourn". The Doorsteppa, November 2013. Print.