Reviewed by Sue Ellis of the Eckington Leader


Set in a Docklands apartment with out of work actor Rosie Seymour (Amanda Whelan) acting as temporary janitor; ‘FlatSpin’ revolves around the theme that adopting a false identity may seem a good idea at the time but can quickly come unstuck when others are playing the same game.

After being informed of her duties by agent Annette Sefton-Wilcox (Linda Munton) Rosie excitedly casts her eyes around the luxurious riverside apartment; a corporate property in the name of Joanna Rupleford – Rose’s day get worse as she takes a call saying she has lost out in the race to become the next ‘Jane Eyre’, she has stopped smoking and has been without a boyfriend since the last one walked out on her six months ago.

A knock on the door introduces her to charming Sam Berryman (Matthew Joynes) who says he is her neighbour, an investment consultant and part-time magician. After much confusion Rosie becomes Joanna, pretending to be the owner of the flat, and Sam offers to cook supper; could Rosie’s luck be about to change?

'Well done to all involved in "FlatSpin" Thought all really well cast. Amanda handled a strenuous part with confidence, especially the sad parts in her life. Ayckbourn writes super female roles! Romantic episodes between Matt and Amanda were great fun. Enjoyed the contrast between Maurice and Tracy. All contributed to an interesting piece of theatre. I shall eat gnocchi with greater interest in future! I'm sure the rest of run will go well'.

John via Email

With much innuendo and enthusiastic grappling on the kitchen table ‘Joanna’ and Sam get to know each other whilst cooking gnocchi; only to be interrupted by several strange telephone calls – after which Sam hurriedly departs leaving Rosie desperate and confused.

Enter droll Maurice (John Donnelly) and leather-clad Tracey (Allie Freeman) who introduce themselves as ‘the good guys’ – Rosie has unintentionally managed to interrupt a long-standing police drugs’ sting and inadvertently taken the role Tracey had been schooled to play.

Promised by Sam that she will come to no harm as the flat is wired for surveillance and she will be under the protection of Tommy (Mick Davison), a non-too bright ex SAS officer, Rosie agrees to continue in the role; arranging to meet drug dealer Edna Sticken – who duly arrives – a knock-out blow, further deception and secret compartments bring the play to its finale – not quite a chilling thriller but one laced with moments of tension and lots of laughter at the saucy asides admirably played to a sell-out audience – Allie Freeman and Mick Davision made an excellent debut with the City Players. This choice of play was in the words of the Estate Agent ‘spot on’.

Ellis, Susan. "FlatSpin". Eckington Leader, October 2013. Print.