Who Killed Santa Claus

Reviewed by Sue Ellis of the Eckington Leader

Who Killed Santa Claus

It's time for the annual Christmas party for the production team of a popular children's television series and they are all due to gather at the home of its presenter, Barbara Love, (Pat Miatt).

Before it can begin however a series of strange and odd events take place – strange messages on the answerphone, the receipt of a doll with a purple face in a small coffin dressed in an exact copy of one of Barbara's dresses – what can it all mean?

Enter Superintendent Christopher Moore (Ted French) who believes this is one of the invited guests who is endangering the life of their host.

As the guests arrive the tensions between them become apparent as their secrets come out into the open: the arrival of Dave Ogden (Ryan Ward), a photographer, throws everyone into confusion leading to a mix of high drama and comedy.

A conversation about astrology leads to an extremely funny game with a Ouija board but which ends with the tension raising-message 'Love lies bleeding'.

Who Killed Santa Claus

As the party progresses, it's soon time for Santa Claus to give out the presents but the lights go out. There then follows a mix of red herrings and clues until all is finally revealed.

This black comedy is highly entertaining with plenty of surprises and excellent performances by the cast, especially new comer Phillip Hadley expertly playing Ray Lacey the very camp makeup artist, and the final scenes are as dramatic as they are unexpected.

Ellis, Susan. "Santa's in Suspense!". Eckington Leader, Dec 2009. Print.